dog messaging relay team... interrupted

We finally broke down and purchased a training collar for Bandit. She was incessantly barking throughout the night. Corrections and take downs would work for maybe fifteen minutes, then she'd start back up again. [G-d bless the Pyrenees, but they're mule-headed dogs. Uh, not that these two are like their owners in any way... *ahem*.]

Part of the problem is that Every. Dog. On. The. Hillside. is part of that blasted messaging relay team. There sounds to be at least a half-dozen of them baying at any moment, every night. Can't blame Bandit for wanting to join in on the fun.

The training collar Spouse purchased has both a beeper and a "tingler". You can choose which to use. Spouse tested the tingler on himself; he said it felt like being buzzed by a battery. So, thankfully, it's not one of those old-fashioned shock-therapy type collars.

Spouse has used it two nights in a row, with success for longer periods of time. I used the beeper alone (with voice correction), successfully, this past evening. Keeping fingers crossed that there's only a few more night's worth of training left before we can take the collar off for good. I hate the thought of using that thing.

[pic: Bandit getting some "love" from the geese. Rotten geese. Rotten!]


  1. Sounds like your dogs wer participating in the twilight bark. Cruella DeVille must be at it again!

    (Sorry, my daughter has been on a kick and we've watched 101 Dalmations about 27 times this weekend!)

  2. @warren: hee! Yeah, and if you miss the first round, they offer repeats on the hour, every hour... to make sure, you know, that you heard. Just in case.

  3. Glancing at the heading and seeing Bandit getting loved... I thought I read "dog mAssaging team."


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