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"Red", one of the Ameraucanas. Spouse took this photo with the new-to-us camera. I call the Ameraucanas our "little bearded ladies":

All of the chickens lined up on the porch railing. A rare event, as Nutmeg is the pecking order enforcer, and usually doesn't hang out with the Ameraucanas for long. It's amazing that birds almost twice the size of Nutmeg will tolerate her bossiness:

For Natalie: the dogs getting their daily goose "massage". The pups will see the geese waddle up, and will then shove their bodies up against the fence so the geese can chew on them, wagging their tails all the while. I guess it's safe to say they've bonded.

Can't wait until we figure out some other way of keeping the pups shaded and kenneled during the day. The shade tent works, it just looks nasty. On the other hand, it's the ONLY shade tent that hasn't blown away in all the high winds we've had around the place. It was the cheapest one, too. Pfft, figures.

Back to full health. Have a happy one, folks!


  1. My Ameraucanas are both a little poufy chined too. Brunch especially has such an amount of feathers around her neck and head that I SWORE she was a rooster, but she just seems to be very masculine. She can be quite pushy and bold. I'll believe it when I see eggs coming out of her backend.

  2. The goose massage - hilarious! I don't envy your cleanup after the chicken roost party...must be fun!

  3. @joy, I know what you mean. Lady Grey's gender is still up in the air.

    @warren, the chickens have -nothing- on the goose-poop offerings. I can sweep away the dried chicken poop. The goose poop, on the other hand, requires the services of a high-pressure water hose to blast off the porch.

    Then again, sometimes the dogs volunteer to do cleanup after the birds... yeeeeccccch.

  4. How did I miss this post?
    Love it. Better late than never.


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