Goose Greetings [pics]

Most mornings, the pups greet me in the driveway. Yesterday morning, the geese were waiting in the driveway instead of the pups, and they decided it was time to give the car a thorough inspection:

[Don't they look so sweet and serene in these photos? Why is it that the camera never catches them with their mouths open, squawking furiously like they usually do when I first come home?]


  1. They really are giving the car a going over, aren't they? Are they in the market? What would geese drive? An old pick-up, a convertible, something low and fast? Ponderables, for sure.

  2. @natalie: I'm thinking late model, cherry-red pickup truck. Lots of chrome detailing. Driver and passengers sticking their heads out of the windows as they drive, and the rest of the bunch honking in the bed of the truck as they head down the highway. Bright, sunny day.

    I think I've just disturbed m'self...


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