Maker Faire - fun for nerds of all stripes

There was so much to see and do. Live music, local foods, hands-on exhibits, and plenty of unique individuals, all happy to be there and share. Some of the highlights:

1. Robot Wars!
If you ever watched it on television, believe me when I say it's double-plus-good watching it "live".

2. Bicycle-powered rides.
Snake train, big butterfly, and a guitar windmill that played chords as you pedaled.

3. Hands-on workshops.
Sewing, electronics, welding... handicrafts that span the spectrum, and all about hacking your tools.

4. Customized cars: electric, bio-diesel, and artistic interpretations. You were encouraged to poke, prod, ask questions...

5. Local foods pavilion, with an emphasis on "grow your own". There were several examples of growing salad greens in shallow beverage boxes (like ones used for six packs of sodas).

For every person who wants to push their imaginations just a little further, become inspired to take their creativity to a higher level, the Maker Faire is a fantastic place to get charged up.

Short vid on this year's Austin Maker Faire: http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2008/10/maker_faire_video_mindbit.html


  1. Yet more evidence that we are kindred spirits. My children have been heartbroken since Robot Wars went off the air... everything you saw would have us thrilled.

  2. @natalie: kindred spirits indeed!

    It looks like the next Maker Faire closest to you will be in the San Fran area next May. Hope you and your family can go, I think you'd have a blast!


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