Urban Homesteading: City Chickens!

Spouse is home this week, which means I get to sleep for a straight eight hours during the day (yay!). That also means, however, that he's the one getting to enjoy all the critter drama, so I've no stories to tell at this moment.

[Well, except that he called me at work at 1:30 AM to complain about the pups practicing - incessantly - for the dog message relay team. Dude, I feel your pain.]

So in the meantime this week, I'll scour the web for cool tidbits on Urban Homesteading. Below is a short vid featuring the chickens being raised in a Pasadena suburb by the PathToFreedom.com folks, the Dervaes. The site has lots of cool videos on the Dervaes' efforts to homestead in the city. Enjoy!

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