Ouch! follow up

Billy-Bob's wound appeared to be bleeding once more. Took him into the vet at the first available appointment the next day (sleep? who needs sleep?). The wound had stopped bleeding overnight, and after a thorough exam the vet gave him a clean bill of health. It looks like it was a puncture wound. Two possibilities come to mind: either Billy-Bob ran into a raw fence edge, or Maggie put a strong paw on him (grrr... puppy stir-fry is still a distinct possibility with that girl). In any event, the vet prescribed liquid antibiotics that I'm to syringe into Billy-Bob's mouth once a day for five days. Umm, yeah. Wish me luck on that.

Two days in a row with so little sleep is making for a rough night at work. Off to brew another pot.

[pic: Bob giving me the Evil Eye at the vet. Oh, and farm mom? Yep, he crapped all over me again.]


  1. That certainly is stink eye... 5 days, huh? Maybe you should get a body length poop slicker... something you can hose off!

  2. @natalie: not a bad idea, actually! I have a couple of cotton chef's aprons gathering dust; maybe I should use one of those. :-)


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