A Round Tuit for the Garden Chores

It's a cheesy, schlocky old-timer joke, and it's ever so applicable regarding the garden projects on the farmette at this time.

We purchased two pomegranate bushes in May, and they're still sitting on the porch awaiting transplant. We've also a third fig, a dwarf lime tree and another fruiting cactus also awaiting transplant.

We purchased cedar planks for making raised garden beds sometime in February, along with a truckload of mixed compost and soil. The soil hill is now half its original height due to rain, settling, pup digging and erosion. The planks were finally cut to size this week.

Some good news, however: we've now money to outfit the Subaru wagon with hitch and trailer, and thusly can tow rental agri equipment to the property. This means we can start machine-digging holes for the orchard saplings, cutting down and chipping the invasive cedars, etc. That is, once I order the hitch, take the car in to be fitted, find & purchase the trailer...

So much to do, and yet I'm so excited to have these sorts of things awaiting completion. It means we really ARE getting the farmette/orchard started, and it's no longer just a dream in the back of my head.

Have a great weekend, everyone... don't know about you, but I'll be busy. :-)

[pic: Our gal Frau. Respect the Frau.]


  1. It's so hard to be productive when you have a full time job, it really gets in the way of life. I have a recommendation of fruit trees to plant when you get caught up.

  2. Where can I get me a Round Tuit?!
    I love the projects and prospects that are waiting for you... they are such happy ones!

  3. Nice days are running thinner I am afraid! Of course, I do some of my best work as it is cooler now. Slim daylight stinks though. Anyhow, have fun this weekend on projects!


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