hug therapy

Spouse alerted me to a conversation on Backyardchickens.com, regarding aggressive geese:
"I always thought of geese as egos, with feathers [...]
When I got my tufted romans, the gander was an adult and one evil bugger!
If he came after me in attack mode [...] I would just grab him and give him a big HUG, until he quit squirming! [...] Now, if I think he is getting a little cocky, I just squat down open my arms and ask him if he needs a hug! Seems he don't want hugs anymore!"

[pic: Billy-Bob getting some of that "hug therapy". I loves my rotten goose!]


  1. uhhh, Deb, it's a goose, remember? :)

  2. Reminds me of Temple Grandin and her squeeze chute.

    Donkeys "hug" each other: one will drape his neck across the whithers of another. It's mostly a dominance thing, but they also do it at times when a distressed donkey needs comforting.

    Do you hug your geese? Does it produce changes in them?

  3. @S_Vandemore, *lol*!

    @Janis - in all seriousness, I don't make it a point to hug the geese. If I do need to pick one of them up, however, it has to be done in such a way that their wings stay folded against their body, else they'll beat the crap outta you.

    I've mock-teased the geese since they were grumpy fuzzballs that if they didn't behave, I'd "love on them" (said in a tone like a mom might use on a child, warning of a "time out"): "You better behave, or I'll love on you! Yes I will! I'm serious now!" Of course, the only reply I'd get is more squawking or a head cock and an odd look.

  4. lol.
    I like your geese.
    I hope all have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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