Elitist Chickens

Had to dump an "old" bag of arugula due to a new bag we received from the CSA. Decided to give it to the chickens...

Twitter conversation:

dasparky (me): chickens love arugula
Virgotex: elitists!
dasparky: don't be a chicken hater...
Virgotex: on the contrary, I suggest some elitist Chardonnay for them as well.


[Pic of Frau. I really need to get some more pics of those elitist chickens.]


  1. The moral of this story -- never throw any food in the garbage -- the chickens and geese will appreciate whatever you bring. :)

  2. do the combs and wattles serve a purpose?

    other than plumage/sexual attraction.

    She's pretty fierce.

  3. I have beens surfing for new blogs to feed my farm blog addiction.

    Thanks for the fix. I've been reading for 1/2 an hour! Great stuff. Your animals are beautiful. I love the geese.

  4. @S_Vandemore: you know it. The only stuff that goes into the compost bin now is spoiled stuff.

    @virgotex: good question, I'm not sure! Frau is the top hen in the flock, so she's gotta keep her "game face" on...

    @Carolyn: thanks for stopping by, and glad you've enjoyed it!

  5. Shouldn't you save the chardonnay for after the "short yet complete" chicken lifestyle? For when they turn into "delicious yet quick" dinner?


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