Because They're So Gosh-Darned Cute

It's hard to get a photo of a chick. They move so fast, all the camera can usually catch is a blur of fuzz ("Aaaaughhh! THE BIG HAND!!!"). We've upgraded their kennel lining from paper towels to hay, gave them a bigger water well, and have added a full jar to the feed hopper to keep the feed flowing. In just four days, they're eating and pooping up a storm of epic proportions. They're even showing tiny little feathers on their wings! Here's a few photos that did manage to catch a couple standing still...

One of the Sicilian Buttercups (she looks like she's wearing a mask), and one of the Plymouth Barred Rocks:

Another Sicilian Buttercup:

A Black Giant:

Here's what they'll look like all grown up, courtesy of Feathersite.com:

A Sicilian Buttercup:

A Plymouth Barred Rock (hey, she's got the same attitude as our Frau!):

A Jersey Giant, courtesy of Tuskwitt Farm:

Wait a sec... Spouse just looked at our invoice for the chickens. The Jersey Giants, which were supposed to be males, are listed as females. Eh? Can this order be any more screwed up? No, don't answer that. Pretend I didn't even say it.


  1. A Plymouth Barred Rock (hey, she's got the same attitude as our Frau!):

    and it looks like she can drive!

  2. They ARE so cute. Thanks for sharing these pics. Hard to believe they will look like that when they grow up. Lovely!

  3. Those chicks are soooo adorable!!

  4. Adorable! You have so many cute animals on your farm!

  5. If only those Buttercups would keep their face mask, it is really cool. What great pictures! Just wonderful (Chance is muttering in cute animal voice about "sweet little fuzzbutts...). Thanks for posting them


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