A Word In Edgewise

Scene: Spouse is transplanting herbs into the garden. The geese are fascinated, watching and "advising". Spouse tries to talk to me:

Spouse: Hey hon, did you...
Godzilla: grunt-grunt-squawk.
Spouse: Godzilla, do you mind -
Godzilla: squawk, grunt-grunt-grunt...
Spouse: Can I get a word -
Godzilla: grunt, squawk-squawk...
Spouse: Will you let me -
Godzilla: grunt-grunt-grunt...
Spouse: You won't let me -?
Godzilla: grunt-grunt SQUAWK!

And that's how the conversation went between Spouse and Godzilla the Gander for a good minute or so.


  1. Love their personality! The geese have to supervise because, of course, you're doing something to "their" yard!

  2. Geese were probably advising the hubs that there's no need to plant the herbs -- just feed them to the geese and remove an unnecessary step. :P

  3. Okay, the geese are really cute but I am digging the spouse's salt-and-peppa beard and his kind but manly face...you can tell him he was getting blog cruised (yeah, yeah, I know, but I always say: at least my eyes are bisexual).

  4. @Chance: I'll tell him, he'll love it! :-D


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