Invaluable Tool Review - Plastic Spring Clamps

"They're the modern equivalent of duct tape and baling wire", says Spouse. These plastic spring clamps, bought at Harbor Freight (I swear, I'm not a paid shill!) are relied upon for many, many things here at the Farm Natters abode. They hold up shade cloths, hold down tarps and blankets, hold closed feed bags, and hold together my sanity. They connect temporary fencing to temporary fence posts (no more need for zip ties or wire), and we even use them indoors for closing chip bags. For temporary attachments and many re-uses, these little babies are darn near worth their weight in gold.

[pic: the clamps, used and abused. Link above goes to their listing at Harbor Freight, if you're interested.]


  1. I don't have those clamps but boyhowdy do I love Harbor Frieght! Around here, because there are a lot of proposals written, we use binder clips for closing the chip bags etc. I will have to wean myself off them as I transition away from the cold heart of academia....

  2. Nothing better than these clamps to put rugs out on the closeline to air out and get "clean."

  3. I love those. I have big ones and I have teeeeeny tiny teeeeny tiny ones.


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