The Greens Adventure, Day 1.5

Last night, I planned to eat some of the fresh radishes with butter and salt. Looked up radish nutrition information on NutritionData's web site. For protein amino-acid balance, among the many suggestions (including meat and yogurt) was a recommendation of cornmeal. Thought "Hey, I've got some corn tortillas around here..." Warmed up some tortillas, and rolled the long radishes into the tortilla with salt and butter. Probably sounds disgusting, but it was actually quite tasty. [Perhaps this type of experimenting is why Spouse doesn't like my cooking. Hmm.]

Later that night, ate some of the carrots dipped into a fresh jalapeƱo and cilantro-spiced hummos. Whew, quite a kick that hummos had, but also quite tasty! Went to bed later that evening feeling quite smug about my progress.

This morning, gently microwaved some of the spinach, and made an omelet with our backyard chicken eggs, the spinach, some garlic powder, and romano cheese.

Lunch was only an apple and peanut butter, so no CSA produce there.

Dinner tonight: this should be interesting. Spouse comes home around 7:00 PM, and I'm not sure if he'll want to head out, or cook something here at home. Although I've already made my quota for using produce (at least one meal a day), meals with Spouse is where the rubber meets the road. He's definitely a starch and protien guy, and prefers to do the cooking. I'm lazy, so I tend to let him. He likes spinach okay, so he may make spinach with butter, lemon and pine nuts.

I may go ahead and make the kohlrabi slaw, and perhaps a carrot-raisin salad to munch on during the weekend. Will keep folks posted.

[pic: the crisper drawer, stuffed to the gills.]


  1. Best of all, whatever you can't eat -- you can share with your birdies. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. :)

  2. @S_Vandemore: I'm recovering from that weekend at the moment :-).


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