New Feeder, and Greens Check In 3.0

The chicks kept knocking over their metal feeder, and pooping in the water. Excitable girls! Spouse decided it was time to get a hanging feeder and water container, so off we went to Tractor Supply and picked up the new "dishes". Once we got the food and water set up, the feeder was mobbed for a good five minutes - you'd think we'd never fed the little feathered fuzzballs. Gotta raise the watering jug, however, as they're somehow still managing to poop in the water.

Greens: had spinach with supper last night (sauteed in about a Tb of butter and a little salt, with a handful of pine nuts). Did not use any of the CSA produce today; instead, steamed up some broccoli. Tomorrow I'll get the ingredients for the kohlrabi slaw.


  1. I have a waterer just like that that my girls kept pooping in. So I cut holes in an old frisbee and slide it over the top to keep the poop from hitting the water trough.

    I can take pictures if you'd like.

  2. I have the same prob. with my waterer. I can not hang it when full..can't lift it. One little chick got out of its new home and went crazy trying to get back in. Glad I found it before the cat did.

  3. @schnookiemuffin: sure thing, send a pic!

    @Anonymous: glad you found the chick, too!


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