Two Videos with a Bunch of Chicks

Eighteen chicks, to be exact. Just straight-shot rough videos, no editing or titles. First video was taken a couple days after we received the chicks, the next video is the chicks introduction to the wonders of fresh corn on the cob. Nummy!


  1. it's like chicken crack!

    first vid didn't work.

    I can't believe how fast they've grown. They're all chicken shaped already

  2. Teh kyoot! It burns!

    What kind of container to you have them in in the second vid? It looks like a kiddie pool? How do you keep them from jumping/hopping/attempted-flying out?

    I had a heck of a time, mine kept trying to jump on top of the feeder and waterer. I must have changed them twice a day for four months. Sheesh.

  3. @virgotex - not sure what's going on with the first vid, as its working from two computers here... hmmm. Bummer.

    @Joy - yep, it's a kiddie pool! I've run chicken wire around the sides of the pool, and secured to the pool with clips. It provides about 2.5' of barrier. Not sure how long it will prevent them from flying out. Hope it will last until their ready to be outside in their transition area. *crossing fingers*


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