Needles and Thread

One of my favorite warm-weather work shirts had a tear that needed mending. Instead of doing the usual patch, decided to dust off the old embroidery skills. Mind you, I haven't embroidered since grade school, and I'll tell you now, my eyesight was MUCH better then than it is now. Broke down and got out the reading glasses so I could thread the @#$!! needle.

Before the needlework, however, I got out the iron-on Stitch Witch and a small piece of cotton to cover the rend. Once the patch was ironed securely, got out the thread and started edging the patch. The patch looked a little bare in the middle, so I worked a squiggly line over the torn area to ensure it was kept closed, then added a little green dot. Nothing fancy, that's for sure. The work wasn't near as good as when I was a child - for instance, I forgot to "sew in" the knots in the back, and the back doesn't look very finished - but it was a fun thing to do. Now my old Cabela's chambray work shirt has a bit more personality than just stains and wear marks.

D@mn, I'm getting all sorts of domestic... time to shrug it off and go frag some bad guys on City of Heroes.


  1. It's cute! Much better than a plan ole iron on patch.

  2. That looks awesome! Surely you aren't wearing something so nice out in the yard to tend the critters, though?


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