Garden Beds Update

Of all the cane fruit planted, it looks like the Brazos thorny blackberries are the ones that are thriving best at the moment. I didn't realize there were second year canes on the plants, so it looks like we may even get a few berries this summer! The thornless blackberries (hmm, no name on the tag) look like they haven't made up their minds to stay or go. The Latham raspberries are just now poking a few green buds out of their branches; perhaps they're finally getting over the trauma of the dogs eating one of their sisters.

Once the New Moon comes 'round, it will be time to plant the new arrivals. We have goji berries (actually, Chinese wolfberries instead of Tibetan, but same plant), hops rhizomes, two small bay laurels (will be put into pots) and at least one passionfruit. The second passionfruit fell victim to the dogs as well. Were they after the plant this time? No, just the plastic pot. Sh*theads.

Tomorrow I'll head over to a local nursery and pick up two trumpet vines whose color just grabbed me by the heart. I'll plant them on the posts next to the patio steps - after I make sure that the leaves aren't poisonous to the geese and chickens. Hummingbirds love these flowers, and it would be great fun to watch them. Even nicer not to have to fill hummingbird feeders. Okay, so we humans in the household can't eat these flowers, but not everything has to be utilitarian, eh?

Having a "honey do" day on this first day of Spring: fixing leaky faucet, repairing wooden stool, gluing back together teapot lid. Hoping that blast of cold weather last week was the final shivery front of the season. Happy Equinox!

[Dog pic: Sh*thead #1, aka Bandit, and one of the reasons we have chicken wire and fencing around the soon-to-be planted plants.]


  1. I second that on your dogs...

  2. Ahh, the constant battle between critters and plants. Just when you think you are one step ahead of them, whammy, another twist comes along. Keeps the mind active, anyhow. And, I love trumpet vines too. Have orange and yellow. My favorite vine, I believe. :)


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