When does eight equal sixteen?

Eight equals sixteen when you order eight chicks from the poultry supplier, and they add eight more White Leghorn rooster chicks "for warmth". Gratis, but whoa... sixteen chicks! Was definitely NOT expecting that!

[pic: the new additions are three Sicilian Buttercups, two Black Giants, and three Plymouth Barred Rocks (two of which are roosters to protect the chickens from the crotchety geese). The unexpected Leghorns? We're naming them Tettrazini, Cacciatore, Soup, Stew, Dumplings...]


  1. Good luck with your chicks. I was surprised that you could order less than 25, but it must have to do with your weather. My mortality rate on chicks usually runs about 33%, so it's good to have a cushion. Have fun! (You may find the Leghorn pullets to be your best layers.)

  2. All I can say is, AHHH, SO CUTE YOU WANT TO SQUEEZ UM. I hope you don't have any sick ones. I'll keep good thoughts.

  3. Can you keep the extras? I mean, will you have room or will their end be otherwise? Anyhow, cool discovery!

  4. @S_Vandemore: Ideal Poultry will let you order 8 or more. Last season's order was 10 chicks and 2 goslings, with no filler. Guess the goslings were considered mass enough to keep the rest of the chicks warm. Wish some of the leghorns were female, but they're a straight run of males. Ah well!

    @Frances McKnight: love the fuzzy butts, yes we do!

    @warren: we'll keep & raise the leghorn roos to adulthood, but they'll become dinner eventually.

  5. OMG- the cutest little fuzzybutt chooks on the planet. Thanks for posting the pix and good to know about Ideal, sounds like a good chicken deal for urban ag.


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