Rooster Tryouts

Did I say we got eight extra chicks yesterday? Make that ten, TEN extra White Leghorn rooster chicks. Add those ten to the two Black Giant roosters and the one Plymouth Barred Rock rooster for which we actually paid. Now we have a total of thirteen roosters trying out for the Big Man on Campus position, a.k.a. Protector o' the Flock.

Position Requirements:
  1. Have at least a grudging respect for the humans.
  2. Don't take any guff from the geese or dogs, but don't go looking for trouble, either.
  3. Treat the chicken ladies with the utmost respect and courtesy and, of course,
  4. Protect the chicken ladies from predators, overly playful dogs, and crotchety geese.
Position pays in organic feed, and benefits include plenty of ladies to woo, several acres to roam, and a penthouse suite on the cedar branch of his choosing.

Those who try out for the position and prove themselves unqualified will report to Le Creuset for a future, one-time assignment.

[pic: two of the White Leghorn chicks]


  1. I'd keep three for the top spot, in case of some natural disaster or dogs with chicken on the brain. Just my opinion from experience.

    You are too funny. You really think you will be able to butcher your little babies? Time will tell. :)

  2. @S_Vandemore: good advice about keeping three! As far as butchering, Spouse has actual experience in doing so. If I "chicken out", so to speak, at least he can do the deed. If not, I may be able to work out a barter with a friend who has no problem butchering chickens :-).

  3. I'm sorry, but I don't think that I could kill them. No, I take that back, I know I couldn't kill them. Eating them would be a problem too. When Pop killed, what I considered my pet chickens, I couldn't eat chicken for a couple years. Good luck

  4. You'll do well with these ones....and they'll look so good in the oven dish..the red one is a nice choice...it will go well with their skin color!

  5. Ummmmm, how many eggs can thoses rooster critters lay? Not too many, did you say? Did you order rooster on purpose? Just wait! The feathers will fly when a rooster doth vie..for the girlie girl hens that the roosters doth spy. Yum, yum, roast rooster, bye 'n bye!

  6. @Anonymous... LOL! Nope, the extra roosters were given to us free by the poultry supplier, ostensibly to keep the other chicks we DID order warm.

  7. I remember when the hatchery down the road would sex chicks. They'd just dump the roosters and malformed ones into a trash can. They would then put the bin "out back" where anyone could pick them up and take them. Occasionally in the haste to sex the chicks, a few females would get in the bin. My mother got a pair of Leghorns this way. In comparison to the Rhode Island Reds, they were really stooopid. And weren't as healthy/hearty. They didn't last very long. I can certainly understand why they were sent as "heat". Good idea... we should probably start using them in lieu of packing peanuts. ;)

  8. @valoflyby - I can only imagine the shocked expression someone would have when opening their amazon.com order...


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