Fight! Fight! Fight!

Tufted Roman ganders are supposed to be harem-minded. As long as they have two or three females apiece to choose from, all the boys are supposed to get along fine. Supposedly.

Godzilla and Billy-Bob have been tussling for lead gander spot over the past two months, with Billy-Bob winning for the majority of the time (and ungraciously at that), until last night. Twice I was startled out of whatever I was doing by a huge clamor, as the males were battling and the females were cheering them on ("fight! fight! fight!"). Each would latch onto the others neck or wing, and then wing-beat the holy h*ll out of each other. I got between them on the first fight, and am paying for it with several bites and bruises. I decided not to do that again. I let them fight it out on their own the second time.

They still had energy for a third and final throw-down at around 10:00 PM last night (I give thanks that the neighbors haven't firebombed our property yet). I went out to check on the aftermath, and found Billy-Bob off by himself under a cedar. I went into the pen, and Bob did not move away. Not a good sign. Hastily putting up a temporary divider in the main pen, I then picked up Bob and set him up with food and water. He just stood in the corner, looking dazed and shocked, but no obvious cuts or breaks.

This morning he was still looking a little shocky, but had enough presence of mind to give me his trademarked baleful glare. He then ate some greens after I left the pen.

I'm hoping he heals up well, is accepted back into the flock (Godzilla, I'm looking at you, buddy), and is a bit more humble after this latest row. Will be ecstatic if I get the first two out of the three wishes. The third? Miracles can happen, you know?

[pics: Billy-Bob on the left, Godzilla on the right.]


  1. Godzilla and Billy-Bob...nice! I ahe only been around a few geese but they were nuts. You are brave to even have them...and a harem...lawsy!

  2. Ha! Yes, the males....what can ya say right? Billy should be fine. He's had quite the blow to his ego, and he may be a depressed for awhile. He'll act all quiet, shocked, dejected. If you try to put the boys together again, be prepared for the fact that it may continue, although it sounds like Billy is coming to terms with his place. Good luck! :)

  3. @warren - friends are starting to call me "the crazy goose lady". Might be a grain of truth to that epithet.

    @farm_mom - thanks for the advice and well wishes! I'll have an updated post on the drama tomorrow :-).


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