Roosters 4 Sale

It's a sad day, but the little buggers brought it onto themselves. Thug 1 is a nasty brute to "the girls", and Thug 2 is a nasty brute to the humans - and both are only four months old. I guess they're living up to their names, but this does not look good for their future. I'll list them in the farm section of Craigslist, where they should get a home (and possibly a spot on the dinner table in the near future). Beautiful boys, but we can't have mean poultry. If they weren't part of the holy-sacred-protected first generation of poultry (and too young to cook), I would have snapped their necks already.

We've got two more young roosters, Ameraucanas, waiting to take their place. In another ten days, we'll be integrating the latest generation of chickens with the older girls, who should keep them all in line. I hope the new guys work out better than the Sicilian Buttercup "roo's".

[EDIT: Whoa, that was fast! Already got a taker for both. I'll miss the little thugs *pout/sniff*.]


  1. It is sad to find brute roosters in the coop. So glad to hear the update. Sigh.

  2. @Natalie, thanks... I had such hopes for these boys.

  3. You know, in retrospect, I can see how being called a "Sicilian Buttercup" might lead to anger issues :)


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