Are they... are they starting to get it?

They still get "the puppy stoopids" every afternoon, where anything and everything within a 20 foot diameter radius is manic fair play, but I've caught the pups actually GUARDING the geese and chickens several times these past few days. Hanging out, peacefully watching the poultry, looking over the land, and jumping up and chasing off whatever seems to be encroaching on their territory - whether it be the neighbor's dog coming up to the fence 50 yards away, or the dragonflies getting a wee bit too close for comfort.

It will be several months yet before they can be trusted full-time around the poultry, but I'm heaving a big, hopefully-not-premature sigh of relief. It looks like (fingers crossed) their guarding instincts are starting to kick in. And the really bad puppy stoopids only seem to happen when I'm around and they're showing off. Several mornings I've come in from work to find that one or more of the chickens have hopped over the electric netting - they jump up on the goose kennel then fly over - and so far the dogs haven't payed them any specific attention. Or the chickens are getting wily enough to outrun them. Keeping fingers crossed, knocking on wood, and saying prayers that good behavior continues and grows, as I can't move that #@$! goose kennel until Spouse gets home from business travel many days from now.

Stay good, doggies... stay good.

[pic: Bandit nuzzling Maggie. Oh, and did I caveat this post enough?]


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