Pic o' the weekend: Goose!

I love the weird perspective in this photo. Goose head, to body, to my feet.

Plus, Godzilla looks like such a sweet boy in this photo!

[He's actually quite the fierce protector of the gaggle.]
[Edited for a bit more clarity - I really shouldn't write at 3:00 AM. Thanks @natalie!]


  1. So... is the "weird" perspective the angle OR that he "looks" like a sweet boy? He does look sweet btw. My rational side is still confused, but you have converted my emotions and now I think about having geese...

  2. @natalie: that's what I get for writing at 3:00 AM! What I meant was that the perspective of his head compared to his body (and then, to my feet) looked weird.

    But he is a sweet boy... once he's certain you're not a threat!

  3. @natalie: oh, and beware - they are NOISY when they think something's amiss. Uou'll want to wait until you're out in the country before getting some. Thankfully, our neighbors have geese as well, so folks around here are used to the ruckus. :-)

  4. Godzilla!? Excellent name!


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