It started with pork

I was teaching the pups to "sit" with leftover, soon-to-go-bad-but-we're-tired-of-eating-them pork ribs. The three head-honcho chickens - Nutmeg, Cinnamon and The Frau - got a whiff of the ribs, and hung out while the pups were chowing down, snagging what little bits of pork were left over and unclaimed.

Since this event Nutmeg has decided, it seems, that this should be a Regular and Good Thing To Do.

Bold as brass, she'll now take rawhide chips right out of the puppies' mouths. The pups will sometimes snap at her when she does this, and I feel kinda bad for correcting the pups - I mean, how rude! - but it's gotta be done. [Sorry pups - the chickens are alpha to you in this household. Start laying eggs, and I'll reconsider.]

Besides the food, Nutmeg also seems to be identifying with the pups more and more. She'll run after them and hang out while they wrestle. Picking her up and moving her to another location doesn't distract her one bit. She'll run right back to the action. She's quick to get out of the way during the alligator death rolls and other fancy pup moves, but d*mn... about gives me a heart-attack to watch.

"Doesn't have the sense that Gawd gave a chicken"... not too sure that's a fair epithet here.

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