the dishes and floors can wait

From my personal journal:
"There's much that I'd like to get done around the house after work today, but little that is absolutely necessary. Dishes are piled up in the sink, and the floor needs to be swept and mopped, but the more I've had to do around the property, the more I've had to let go of expectations of organization. This isn't to say that I don't do any housework; it's just that I'll often wait until Spouse comes home on the weekends to help, or I'll shove stuff off until it becomes unavoidable.

I miss having a consistently clean house. But I love the land, critters, and good sleep much more."
Have a great weekend everyone!

[pic: one of the Ameraucanas. Let's call her "Blondie". Not enough personality for a real name yet.]


  1. Oh, I feel you on this one. My biggest fear since having children and starting this farm? A suprise visit from someone!!! Yikes! Thank god we're not that popular! ;)

  2. @farm mom: roflmao!!! Yeah, most of our friends are "in town", so not many will pop out to our place in the sticks... thank goodness!

  3. I will physically block the door with my dead body. My house isn't dirty, it's just a small house with a lot of stuff to store. It would look crazy to some people. Now that we are hiding it all in the re-organized cellar, things will improve. Thankfully, I also have children old enough to do productive housework.

    Know what else I will choose over dishes and floors? Family time. If there is something all 4 of us can do together for an hour or two, I want to do that more than I want to clean. My DD15 only has a few more years before she flies away from the nest, and I want to savor that time. I have been "wasting" a lot of gas driving her all over the region to youth group meetings - but I get a couple hours alone with her in the car every time.


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