death and life

The "family issues" that Spouse delicately referred to in the earlier post was a funeral for my grandmother. She'd been in a long, slow decline for almost a decade, but it's still hard to imagine that such a force of nature is no longer with us. May she be at peace.

Spouse was unable to go with me, as we still don't have a backup for critter care. But looky what he found - the Frau has been one busy girl! We hadn't expected eggs yet, but yeah, it's about the right time. Life continues onward.


  1. Sympathy... even when it's expected, it can still be such a stark and sad contrast to wake up and realize that a loved one is gone. I'm sorry for what's missing.

    Now, about the Frau! Has she been stashing or does she produce like nobody's business?!

  2. @natalie, thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated.

    WRT the Frau: we were simply clueless as to what was going on! She was laying in one of the coop boxes, but we hadn't thought to check. Was wondering what the loud, proud "BuckAWK!! was all about in the mornings!

  3. *Was wondering what the loud, proud "BuckAWK!! was all about in the mornings!*

    That's hilarious!


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