Eggs - pics of commercial versus home-laid

Frau, Cinnamon and Nutmeg have started laying eggs. They make a lot of noise in the process, and I don't blame them one bit: imagine pushing an object larger than the size of your head out of your crotch every morning. Yeah, it's kinda like that.

The eggs are small in comparison to commercial eggs right now, but Aunties Jan & Karen (our bestest friends and farm mentors) say that the eggs will get bigger as the girls mature. In the egg photo, I've put a commercial "large" cage-free egg on the left. The egg in the middle is from Frau, and the white egg on the right is from Nutmeg. I've also put quarters underneath the eggs for further size comparison.

At first, I felt strangely wary of eating those first laid eggs. Chalk it up to being estranged from primary food production for so many years. I got over it quickly, however, and all I can say is "Wow!" You can see the difference in this next picture. The commercial egg's yolk is pale yellow, with the white looking rather runny. The free-range, pasture/bug/organic-fed chicken's egg yolk is deep orange, and the white is firm.

Unfortunately, I can't snap a photo of the difference in taste. The home grown eggs are very rich, almost buttery in flavor. Scrambled eggs are light orange in color. Of course, due to their currently small size, I have to cook three or more home-grown eggs to get the same volume as two commercial large eggs, but the girls are laying daily right now, so quantity is not an issue.

On the other hand, when the six Ameraucanas start to lay, the quantity WILL become an issue. We could get up to three dozen eggs a week! May have to see who around us is in the market for non-FDA approved, cook-thoroughly-to-avoid-salmonella, we-take-no-responsibility-for-health-issues-resulting-from these little gems.


  1. I envy you your wonderful fresh eggs. I do miss my chickens. there is nothing like home grown eggs.

  2. @natalie - my little girls are growing up so fast!

    @andylynne - so tasty, just made a batch of egg salad for work lunches. Hope you get to a place where you can have chickens again!

  3. I was silly enough to let my daughter (and friends) buy the 'hens' they wanted from the agriculture store here.. LOL I now have five roosters. Guess I forgot to mention not to buy 'straight run' chicks. Aahahaha. SO enjoyed your post and appreciate the photos!

  4. @jodi, five roosters, yikes! Think you might raise & butcher them?

  5. we already did two. Broke my heart. I know it has to be done. I am no longer a strict vegetarian... but we could only find homes for two, that left us with one. The ag store close to us actually bought new chicks this last week. Sort of surprised me this late in the year... but I was so happy. I bought eleven PULLETS. :) Now just pray they grow fast and can tough out the winter so young.


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