The geese catch some air

I heard the call of the afternoon flight practice, and turned to watch. During flight practice, the geese will tear off running down the small hill of our yard with wings a-flapping, then stop at the bottom of the hill, turn around, and flap/run back up to the top. Looks like a nice workout, even if it doesn't amount to much more than than, well, wing flapping, honking and sprinting. From someone who has trouble chewing gum and walking at the same time, believe me, I'm not making fun (okay, maybe just a little).

I had discussed with Mom a few weeks earlier that it would be soon when the geese would be flying. "Aren't you afraid that they'll fly away?" "Nah, they know where the easy food is, they won't fly far."

Yesterday afternoon, the miracle occurred: some of the geese finally caught air.

Queenie and two of the other females flew into the air about ten feet, and forward about 20 feet, crossing the gravel parking spot and driveway. The other geese were astonished and IMMEDIATELY started honking the "hey! wait for me!!" call. The in-flight birds glided down to the ground, and waddled back to join the others, as if nothing happened.

It was amazing to watch. D@mn near took my breath away. That moment made all the poopy porch cleaning worthwhile.

[pic: almost all the geese in one photo. no photo of flights... yet!]


  1. LOVE your blog!! thanks for sharing your farm experience...and the puppies make me all warm and fuzzy inside!

  2. @jeanannvk, thanks for stopping in, much appreciated!


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