where are my dogs, and what have you done with them?

The dogs were calm. They didn't chase the geese or the chickens. They played quietly, and moved about the property with calm grace. What the hell????

I phone-text Spouse: "where are my dogs, and what have you done with them?"

He calls. "What's wrong?"
"The dogs... they're being GOOD dogs! What did you do?"
"You mean they're not bouncing around the geese or chickens?"
"Huh. Not sure what's different now..."

We discuss for a few minutes what Spouse had been doing for pup-training while I was away. I hang up, walk outside... a-HA! I catch Maggie in the bird pen, having a romp with the Ameraucanas. A quick correction, and then Maggie trots back to Bandit for a wrestling match. Did she overhear the phone conversation, and decide to allay my suspicions that aliens had taken over? Mayhaps, mayhaps.

[pic: Bandit]

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