The Evolution of Farm Clothing

1. You put aside a set of clothing, maybe two, specifically for farm chores. "Only these clothes will be used for the dirty work", you tell yourself.

2. You are quickly disabused of notion #1, as you find yourself filthy and behind on laundry. Now you say to yourself "okay, any casual clothes like jeans and t-shirts can be used for farm chores."

3. Unexpectedly, sh*t happens and you find yourself running outside for emergencies without thought as to what you are wearing. As you're cleaning up the aftermath, you suddenly realize that you're wearing an interview suit, new shoes, or a party dress. At this point you give up: all clothes have become farm clothes.

[pic: my new shoes, being chewed upon by Billy-Bob, Queenie and Duchess]


  1. Interesting observation about what constitutes work clothing. Brought back a memory of the time I changed a fuel pump in a Corvette- wearing the tux I'd rented for the wedding we'd just left. "Whatever works", I guess. My feeling is" if it needs doing, clothes are just "protection from the elements" anyway...be they grease, rain, snow, mud- or chicken poo. :-D

  2. @hausfrau, yep. The geese love to tug on any dangling cord or thread. :-)

    @shy wolf, indeed, whatever works! I think my "work clothing" mindset comes childhood remonstrations to "not dirty your 'good' clothes".

  3. The Evolution of Farm Clothing... like so much you “natter” about is soooo true. Under our backdoor bench are several pairs of clogs, boots and other footwear dedicated to "farm work"... yet Spouse and I still forget to wear them on morning chores. We come home many days telling stories about how we littered offices, courtrooms and gyms with goose or chicken pooh. What do you expect? We are farm girls in business disguise.

  4. @Jan - "farmgirls in business disguise"... love it! Give your gorgeous Spouse a hug for me.

  5. This happens to me all the time! I have ruined some of my favorite nonfarmish clothes and I only have 4 1/2 acres and NO livestock.

  6. I grew up on a diary farm and always had two sets of clothes. Barn clothes and school clothes. I miss having two sets of clothes. Those barn clothes were oh so much more comfy. I realized that my children have no idea about having these sets of clothes.


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