yoghurt taste test: chickens prefer...

Chickens prefer goat's milk yoghurt over bulgarian-style yoghurt. Throw in some crushed eggshell crunchies on top for the extra calcium punch, and you got some mmm!mmm! good eatin'! Just so you know.

[They also like chopped, slightly overripe tomatoes with their yoghurt. What did you say? What do you mean, they're spoiled?!]


  1. Our chicas enjoy pumpkin scrapings, zucchini ends, pear cores and cilantro bits... ours are not spoiled either!

  2. Was it yogurt specifically FOR the chickens or had it gone bad?

    I think i'm gonna try some whey from my raw yogurt. Mine seem to like overripe melons, greens of most any kind (except for the stalks) and any kind of bread. They go crazy over bread too.

    I'm not so sure if mine would drink/eat whey, though I coudl put it in their water (they'd just poop on it though).

  3. @joy: generally, its yoghurt at the bottom of the container that's not quite enough for my morning breakfast. They also get leftover chopped meat, veggies, fruit, etc. I shy away from giving them anything that might be spoiled, as I'm concerned about the taste of their eggs as well as their general health.

    The yoghurt is supposed to be good for their digestion. The calcium in the yoghurt, along with the crushed eggshells, is good for keeping their freshly laid eggshells well formed and strong - and it's working.

  4. @natalie, nope, not spoiled at all! :-)

    Some friends asked for a doggie bag for their leftovers at a local restaurant recently. "Taking it home for lunch tomorrow?"
    "Nope, it's for our chickens."

  5. My kids are yogurt fiends, and since I make our yogurt myself...the chickies rarely get any around here. But it is ohh soo good for them. I do give them the why when I make yogurt cheese though, they do enjoy that.

    My SG Dorking hens are getting to be so friendly (or treat-greedy) that they follow me around EVERYWHERE. The other day, one followed me into the house....I immediatley thought of you! :)

  6. @karen: sushi? You win.

    @farm mom: awww, cute! Hope you can get a pic next time!


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