the big @#$! stapler

To the left is a STAPLER. Not just any sort of stapler; this one will put in a super big staple into a log or other "soft" substance of your choosing. All it requires is one mighty hammer "thwack!" on the top knob, and you'll slam a staple home-run! So the theory goes.

On the right is an example of what these types of staples are made to do. Generally, these types of staples can be knocked into place with nothing more than a plain ol' hammer and a steady hand. But with a STAPLER, boy howdy, think of how much easier and faster you could put these into place! Again, that's how the theory goes.

On the left again is an example is a bunch of staples that jammed, bent, missed, or just didn't work when used with the STAPLER. I'd say this is about the average wasted for each fence post we tried to use the STAPLER on. This, my friends, is the reality of the mighty STAPLER.

This is Spouse, unjamming the stapler yet again. Isn't Spouse cute? The STAPLER, however, is not cute. The reality is that the STAPLER is @#$! useless. Stupid STAPLER.

(Spouse's uncle took one look at how the STAPLER worked, shook his head, and continued manual placement and hammering of staples. Spouse continued using the STAPLER purely out of Italian mule-headedness by that point, since he was the one who bought the d*mn thing in the first place.)

p.s. we're 3/4'rs done with the fencing at this point. W00t!!

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