new shoes

The conversation went something like this...

"Okay, these or the other lug sole shoes?"
"D@mmit I'm a guy, don't ask me these questions!"
"No seriously - which do you think will survive the farm chores better?"
"Oh! Okay, that's different... ermm, these soles here will never let you slip, but will hold mud like crazy. The other shoes soles won't hold the mud as tightly, but have fabric vents that will be hard to clean out. Wait, which are less expensive?"
"This pair."
"Well then DUH! Get the cheaper pair!"

I'm now the proud new owner of a pair of Merrel lug-soled, low-top hikers. Slash and burn sale at REI. Men's size eight to fit my duck feet and cradle my arthritic toes. Had been thinking I was doomed to live in only sneakers or sandals all year 'round.


  1. Go cheap! Well, unless it is total crap. Anyhow, I get it (being a guy too). My wife and I had a nearly identical conversation 6 months ago...pretty funny!

  2. @warren - may all guys who go shopping with their gals be blessed. The look of long-suffering on Spouse's face was priceless. Poor guy!


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