geese, dogs, and "the bear"

"The bear" is a stuffed elephant. Don't recall how it came to be named thusly, but thusly it was named, and the name stuck. When we got our first two geese - such tiny things! - they were not very happy in their little brooder. Inspiration struck. I brought down Bear, and put it into the brooder. The geese took to it like it was their mama. Sleeping, snuggling, pooping on it - they were very happy with Bear. It wasn't until we put the geese outside full-time that they finally outgrew their need for Bear.

We tried using Bear with the second batch of six goslings, but they had a whole lot of each other, so Bear wasn't as big a hit. We retired Bear for the time being.

Somehow, for some reason, Bear got put outside once more. Bear was on the workshop table, minding her own business, when the pups found her. They pulled her down, and started carrying her around the property. One afternoon, Godzilla and Queenie (the original two geese) saw Bandit and Maggie carrying back & forth Bear. Oh, this would not do!

They followed the pups up the hill. They followed the pups down the hill. For a good fifteen minutes, I watched their determination to get that dang stuffed animal back. Squawk-squawk-squawk-squawk-SQUAWK!!! Those pups! How dare they!

I finally got the stuffed animal away from the pups. The geese looked it over, saw that it was okay, and went on their way.

Bear needs a bit of patching on the seams, but is otherwise safe and sound. Bear has done her duty, and then some, on comforting and amusing the small charges of our household. We'll definitely keep her around for the next batch!

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