"with localized heavy downpours"

"...no sh*t, Sherlock?"

I was getting some pre-shift sleep when around 5:00 PM the pups started going nuts. They have a deep, loud bark when they sense something's wrong, or there's an intruder, or they just want to impress themselves (like last night at 2:00 AM). I stumbled out to the living room and discovered that I could barely see to the animal pens as it was raining so hard. Yikes!

Threw on the rain gear, and headed outdoors... aww, crap. The two goose pen shade awnings were torn to shreds, not much more than ripped poly canvas and twisted heaps of metal at that point. Thankfully, the geese were not in the pen. Nope, they were doing their usual: standing on the side of the hill, facing into the wind, and letting the rain roll off their backs.

Almost two inches of rain in probably 30 minutes time. Wow.

[pic: much lighter rain from a few months back.]

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