Yesterday's pup weigh-in [and pics]

Got the spaying stitches taken out at the vet's yesterday.

At six-months of age, Maggie now weighs 54 lbs, and Bandit weighs 64 lbs. Maggie has some of her sire's facial features, while Bandit looks like she's getting his massive body. Wow.

Thank goodness we don't have to lift the two pups into the car anymore.

[pic: a rare non-wrestling pup moment]

Their sire, Big Tony, in the foreground:


  1. I feel prompted to say "Good dog. Sit." Then pat them on the head, scratch their chins. I'm glad all is well. How much more do you expect them to grow?

  2. @natalie: they'll get anywhere from 90 to 120 lbs at maturity. Gulp! They're bred to fight off wolves and bears, however, so they need the size. The tiny little coyotes and foxes around here won't stand a chance!


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