girl parts going away

What I'm saying: "Your girl parts are gonna get ripped out tomorrow! Yes they are! Oh yes they are!"

What the pups hear, according to Gary Larson: "Blah blah blah! Blah! Blah blah!"

Yes, our sweet pups are going to be spayed bright and early tomorrow morning. So, a bath this evening, and no food after 7:00 PM, which means an early bed-time for them tonight. They're not gonna like that one bit. Sorry, ladies, but the worst is yet to come...

[pic: "shark attack!"]


  1. Give them a supportive, affectionate scratch from me, and I hope everything goes smoothly!

  2. @natalie, thank you! Will do. Their recovery period coincides nicely with the fencing work we have power-through and finish this weekend. They'll want to lay low, so that will be one less "chore".


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