Warning: carnage!

Okay, okay: I shouldn't be eating spelt or anything remotely related to wheat. It does bad, very bad things to me. Watching Spouse's Italian family scarfing down artisan bread all week, however, had made me weak. I went ahead and bought a beautiful round loaf of rustic spelt bread at Whole Foods on our last shopping trip (I swear to gawd, I'm not paid by them!).

The next day, I swallowed a handful of gluten digestive capsules, grabbed the loaf, and was oh so lovingly sliding the knife into the crust when... ---> ZZZING! "OWWWW!!!" The knife jittered away from the crust and sliced across the first joints of my index and middle fingers.

I grabbed a towel. Blood was everywhere. Probably should have got stitches. Did it stop me from finishing the slice and eating it? Or heck, even PHOTOGRAPHING the grisly outcome of my actions? Oh h*ll no - HAD to eat a slice out of spite at that point; a slice sans blood, natch.

So now I'm paying for my weakness, twice: gastrointestinally, and bloody wounds to boot. Idiot.

[Thankfully I hadn't been using the Global knives, or else I may have not had any finger tips left to type this post.]

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  1. OW. This is why I cannot watch horror films, and even restrict my evening news... I feel everyone's pain! And I am feeling your pain.
    And, I am wondering, how was the bread? I am doing a carb cut, so I can be (mean and deprived) lean and lovely, and just thinking of your bread has me drooling, and grabbing my fingers sympathetically.


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