Roo's new owners

The couple came by to pick up the advertised "granola crunching, hippie roosters" on Saturday afternoon. [Okay, so I spelled "hippy" wrong. Hit me with a tie-dyed t-shirt.] They were really sweet. Young, idealistic back-to-landers. So cute! Although Thug 1 and Thug 2 will eventually end up on the couple’s dinner table, I think they’ll have a nice life during the interim. I’m happy for the roos, and even happier that my girls won’t have to put up with those two little bast*rds anymore.

Speaking of little bast*rds, it looks fairly certain that we've got two more roos in the latest batch of young chickens. The "older" girls should have enough size and confidence at this point to keep the young bucks in line. If these new roos refuse to behave, no sweat. It won't be a problem for long. I'll just to introduce them to this cute young couple I know...

[Now I KNOW I'm getting older... I just called two fully grown adults "young" and "cute".]

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