Eduoard flushes instead of gushes

Very little rain up in this part of Texas. Enough to tamp down the dust for a few hours, but that's about it. "Better than a kick in the head", as my grandmother would say, but I'm still disappointed. Hope those who did get dumped on are all okay.

In other news, finally saw a rheumatologist, who may have figured out the type of arthritis I have. Awaiting confirmation from specialized tests. He gave me drugs for the meantime. Meh.

[pic: Hausfrau 2. She has pecked her way to the top of the flock. Respect the Frau!]


  1. The Frau is gazing me in to place... I will respect the Frau!
    A proper diagnosis can provide a lot of relief, and I hope the meds do some good too.

  2. @Natalie: the Frau approves.

    Thanks for your well wishes! Two more weeks before I hear of something. I'm sure there'll be plenty to keep the mind occupied & busy in the meantime :-).


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