Do NOT Tease the Geese

I'm not sure what it is about small children that annoys the living crap out of geese. I know geese can be territorial, but the way they go after little ones is both terrifying and awe-inspiring - sort of like watching an unstoppable force of nature.

Our geese were okay with the young nephews, at first. Then the nephews' little-boy natures got the better of them, and they'd walk after the geese, trying to pet, etc. The geese: not amused. We adults would call out after the boys, cajoling and pleading with them to sit still or leave the geese alone. At one point after I had corralled the geese then closed the gate to the pen, one of the nephews stuck out his tongue, waggled his arms like wings and shouted "neener neener neener, you can't get me!". I smacked his baseball cap visor over his eyes, and retorted "don't tease the geese, goofball."

I wonder if the geese took that as a sign that "Mom disapproves". Now, the geese charge after the boys whenever they see them, no questions asked, no quarter. Am I an evil woman to admit it gives me the giggles to see those boys run?

[pic: Geese with father-in-law. They like him, and mom-in-law as well. The boys' mom? They attack her, too. Not sure why.]

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