tough pups!

"It's like they didn't go through surgery at all!" exclaimed the vet tech yesterday. The girls were bouncing and jumping when I came to pick them up from their recent spaying. They'd had a day to recover, and were chomping at the bit to get home, NOW, thankyouverymuch.

The pups were also almost too big to fit into the Subaru. Oof.

Bright & early this morning: Spouse looks out the window as I'm preparing the morning's goose rations, and exclaims "something's wrong!". I hope into some shoes, and sprint outside. It took me a minute to figure it out... oh, my. Bandit had managed to BEND DOWN a section of four-foot wire fencing, climbed over, and was now in the goose & chicken partition of the pen. All of this with stitches in her belly. She was at the goose pen gate waiting to be let out for the day. The geese were squawking because Bandit was blocking THEIR access to the gate.

Quick head check of all the chickens and geese, just in case - yep, all accounted for. Let out the pups, and now they're tearing around the property with their usual piss & vinegar. (Yeah, the phrase is supposed to be "vim & vigor", but I like my grandmother's version better.) I'm just hoping they don't get stupid and tear out their stitches before they've had a chance to heal. Tough pups!

[pic: Spouse with pups a few weeks back. They're even bigger now, and at over 50 lbs. I'm camera-less at the moment, so will be recycling older photos until my dead iPhone gets replaced.]


  1. Some how I missed reading your most recent posts... and almost cried with amusement when I read about the big Geese and their captured "bear." Love reading your blog and about all the work you and spouse are getting done!

  2. @jan - I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog! Big smooch and a hug to you...


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