Storm Damage

They say the weather in the Hill Country can be wild and destructive, and those wise "they" are correct. On one hand, the storms that blow through here are incredible shows of raw force, and heart-stoppingly beautiful. On the other hand, these amazing storms can wreak some heavy damage, destroying buildings and flooding roads.

The last storm was yesterday. Over an inch of rain in probably 30 minute's time. Shredded another couple of shade awnings. Thankfully, I was able to salvage them both using our dependable patchwork repair kit of duct tape, plastic clamps and bungee cords.

At some point Spouse and I are going to have bite the bullet and build a more permanent shade structure, as we've probably lost the equivalent amount of money in what's been destroyed thus far.

[pic: one of the downed awnings]

1 comment:

  1. That damage looks familiar to me... bummer. An inch of rain in 30 minutes is WET! Be careful out there.


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