"this one goes to eleven"

The first week or so of starting a new job always throws my routine into chaos. Working overnights, plus new routines for the critters, has pushed the chaos meter to eleven.

The pups now have run of the property at night. They're not quite sure what to make of all this freedom. The most interesting thing is that they still enjoy the discipline of daily walks and training. If I don't do these things, their behavior becomes erratic, and dare I say, bratty? Yes, I dare say it: bratty. So Cesar Millan is right: dogs do better when they have boundaries and discipline. Much like the rest of us, I suppose...

[pic: Bandit trying to sweet-talk me into something or another]

1 comment:

  1. I love watching Cesar, and I don't even have a dog! Maybe, instinctively, I realize I need discipline too!


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