Book Review: The Book of Geese, by Dennis Holderread

If you want information about raising chickens at home, there's a boatload available on the Internet. If you want information about raising geese at home, the info is much harder to find. Geese are literally tough birds - healthy, hardy, and adaptable - but they do have needs that differ from chickens. The Book of Geese: a Complete Guide to Raising the Home Flock by Dave Holderread packs a huge amount of information into a small, 209 page book (including index).

Chapter titles: Why Geese?, Some Points to Consider, External Features, Behavior, Selecting a Breed, Acquiring Stock, Incubation, Rearing Goslings, Managing Adult Geese, Sexing, Health and Physical Problems, Butchering.

Appendices: Formulating Goose Rations, Symptoms of Vitamen and Mineral Deficiencies, Predators, Goose Recipes, Using Feathers and Down, Using Geese as Weeders, Show Time, Goose Breeders and Hatchery Guide, Sources of Supplies and Equipment, Suggested Reading, Organization...
...and a whole bunch of illustrations, photos, and tables that provide organized info on the above subjects.

From birth to death, from rearing to slaughtering, he covers it all. I love this book, and even though I've read through it once already, I find some new nugget every time I pick it up.

Interested in a copy? Feathersite says
"I would suggest ordering this directly from Holderread's Waterfowl Farm and Preservation Center, PO Box 492, Corvallis, OR 97339; 541-929-5338. You'll get it much quicker."
I also found new copies on-line at Sheepmagazine.com for $18.95. Do a Google Search for other on-line purveyors of the book if you like, or order through your local bookstore. On the other hand, if you don't mind paying $32.00 and up for a used (used!!) copy through Alibris or Amazon, go right ahead. And when you're done, I have a deal on a timeshare I'd like to tell you about...

UPDATE: Found out the Farm has a web site, but you must order the book through their catalog. $18.95. They have books on ducks, too, which farm mom from Children in the Corn recommends!

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  1. The book on ducks is wonderful as well. Great review!


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