Sleet and Snow and Oh!

We got snow in the Hill Country! Woo-hoo! Didn't think to snap a picture on my way out to work this morning, so am hoping Spouse will think to do so come daylight.

We had heard that a hard freeze was coming through the area, so I asked Spouse if he would pluck the sleeping chickens off their preferred snooze spots on the juniper (aka Texas cedar) boughs and place them into their coop. Thank goodness he did so! The winds were so fierce, Spouse says, that the upright feeder was knocked over twice. For once, all the excitement occurred while Spouse was home and awake, and I was sleeping. Still... it's snowing! It's snowing!

I can hear my East Coast friends snickering now.

[pic: Texas State Capitol Building in Austin by John Tullis, reader-submitted photo to The Austin Statesman]


  1. Nice photo to illustrate. Um, yeah, okay, I'll confess to a minor snicker, but even up here in Vermont we jump up and down chanting "It's snowing" etc. the *first* time we see. By February, the chanting is "it's mother&%$ snowing again...". See the beauty of your snow is that It Will Go Away quickly, so you just get to enjoy the snowmagick when it makes a surprising appearance, so have fun, revel, make snow angels, rejoice.

  2. @Chance - true about it going away so fast. It usually ices here instead of snows - from what I've been told, snow is a once in a decade kind of event for South-Central Texas.

    Although there's a little snow left in the Hills, it's all gone in Austin proper. Nothing left but the *brrrr*.


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