Goose Pool Water, Take Two

The barrel, dolly, and drill pump didn't work out so well for recycling the soiled goose pool water. The biggest problem: just because the dolly could handle 1,000 pounds didn't mean I could easily push all that weight (d'oh!). It was slow and awkward, and although I have patience for that sort of thing, Spouse does not, and he immediately got to thinking of a better way.

["We're not spring chickens anymore", he says.
"Shut UP!", I reply.]

What we ended up doing: purchasing a submersible pump that could pull up water to 1/8th of an inch, attaching a 100' hose, and taking the hose to wherever we need to water. This is plenty long enough and reaches our current and planned garden beds. For the soon-to-be-installed fruit trees, I will probably still use the dolly method but only fill the barrel half full. I'll then fill the water irrigation bags from the barrel. Or maybe Spouse will think of yet another, better way...

[pic: the Pools o' Poo Woo]

1 comment:

  1. Shouldn't you be asleep? Goose water is yucky, but super great for growing things. Be careful not to overdo on the fruit trees re: fertilizer. I'm just sayin....

    Happy New Year to you and the oft-mentioned spouse!



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