Dirty Photos

Another "too pooped to post" entry. Today's pic feature: our dirty, dirty critters:

A day of light rain last week - less than a quarter inch - and the dogs somehow manage to look like they've wallowed in the biggest mud puddle they could find. GP coats shed dirt quickly, however, so they didn't look this way for long...

After chewing open a thick paper bag of charcoal (thankfully, just plain ol' burned wood charcoal, and not the chemical-laden briquette type stuff), the geese decide to do a taste test. Can't decide whether they look more like chimney sweeps or modern goths. At least the photos show them in their more usual state: mouths open and squawking.


  1. I'm too pooped to make a decent comment, but lol.
    Dirty indeed.
    oh and the word verification says *gricrud,* which sounds like mild growling about the crud our pets can get in to!

  2. That's hilarious! I didn't realize that the dogs hair shed dirt so easily. And it's hilarious to see the geese with black mouths. They really are like small, slightly mentally challenged children.

  3. hahahaha! how well i know BOTH looks!

  4. Hysterical! Goth geese...indeed. Thanks for making me laugh right out loud in my office, (and causing people to stick their head in, and want to know what's so funny and should I really share the black-mouthed geese picture with them since I am sposed to be working on Something Else and not cruising blogs?)

  5. I could sell the television and just watch the geese all day.

    @Chance, thanks for stopping by, I like your blog!


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