Stay Tuned

I've had to work over the holidays, but I'm not complaining. In spare moments I'm experimenting with the new Panasonic Lumex FZ28 ("aww honey, how did you know?!!"), and thanks to a Twitter notice from Wil Wheaton*, a Flip video recorder that was snagged during a one-day deal from Woot. w00t! Coming soon: new photos, short videos, reviews of the above, and more!

[pic: Billy-Bob and Bandit on a grey, drizzly day.]

* You don't know who Wil Wheaton is? Not only do you lose internet privileges for the day, you are required to hand over your geek card. Now.


  1. W. Wheaton former Trek child actor, and now huge blogging star... I can keep my Geek ID, right?
    Merry Post-Christmas... how are your toys working out?

  2. @P.Price - the Flip is a hoot! iMovie web compression (.mov/Quicktime) is way too lossy for my taste, so will be checking out some other methods to get the vids to the web. Otherwise, the quality is terrific for such a low entry price.

  3. @Natalie: you win at teh internets! Put a gold star on that geek card!


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