If you can't chase the delivery guy...

...eat the delivery.

The pups, as noted here and here, like to drag out and chew a variety of items. Old beer and soda cans found around the property; barbecue implements, blown in plastic bags, water pitchers, wooden bowls, logs. Anything left out and within reach is fair game. They even managed to ferret out and chew into oblivion the wooden decoy egg I'd put into Cinnamon's latest outdoor nest (back to @#$!! egg hunting again).

It's not that they aren't provided chewy stuff. We give them dried pig ears, rolled rawhide "bones", and even big roasted cow bones you can get from the pet store. It's just not enough, somehow.

So, on Monday: Spouse looks out through the living room window and sees Maggie chewing on something. "Jeeze, what is she chewing on now?" He retrieves the item, and we look over it. "Looks like some sort of small carry bag". Thinking it may have been a drop or throwaway from a previous tenant, toss it aside and think nothing more of it, even though it did look suspiciously new...

Then I'm out and about the next day, doing chores and taking photos. I start picking up trash - bits of chewed plastic bag, cardboard... wait, what's that? Is that a battery recharger? How did that get on the property? Find a piece of paper; it's a receipt from Amazon.com addressed to Spouse... uh oh. Yep, there's the rest of the order: several chewed packs of rechargeable batteries, charging cord, other recharge parts, scattered hither and yon sans its nylon carry case we found yesterday. I call Spouse: "hon, you're not gonna believe this..."

Next on the home project list: dog-proof drop box for UPS deliveries.


  1. Luckily my guys can't get to the mail. However, as to the rest of the chewies, yeah. My yard is a veritable collage of paper, purloined socks and any other fabric the younger dog can grab, plastic, etc. (older dog knows fabric and leather are off limits)

    My neighbor, who wastes god knows how much expensive Aqua Texas H20 on his golf-course-like yard) has a deep simmering hatred of me and my critters, my nappy yard, and my rainbarrels. Also the way I always smile and wave at him.

  2. Oh man, that's bad!! Wait till they start dragging in carrion and rolling in it. Fun times!

  3. That's awesome...and expensive, potentially. The good news is, I guess you don't have to feed the dogs any more...just set them out int he sun and let the solar power recharge them...or maybe just plug them in now and then (with a UL listed adapter of course!)

    Btw, my cat bit a hole in a can of tomato juice yesterday...what is with critters?

  4. I know they are still puppies... Oh boy. Maybe community mailboxes aren't so bad after all.....

  5. "dragging in carrion and rolling in it"... for real?! Oh man. That ain't right.


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